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FAQ on B2B purchase on account

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As a corporate customer, can I pay on account with Billie?
Yes, corporate customers can pay on account with Billie at
[Name Onlineshop]. If you do not have the option of paying with Billie, there may be several reasons for this. The conditions for purchase on account for corporate customers are defined by the provider Billie GmbH.

Further information can be found here.

How can I pay on account as a corporate customer with Billie?
Buy today and simply pay later within [XX] days. This allows you to check the goods before you pay. And this is how it works:

Step 1:
Place all the items you want in your shopping cart and select “Purchase on account” with “Billie” as the payment method at the checkout.

Step 2:
Enter the required data. You will then find out immediately whether payment by invoice purchase has been approved.

Step 3:
Billie will send you the payment information by e-mail and remind you when it’s time to pay.

As soon as you have completed your purchase, you will also receive access to your personal Billie buyer portal. Here you can view, download and manage your invoices and change the payment method.

What is the payment deadline for invoice purchases for corporate customers with Billie?
With invoice purchases with Billie, corporate customers have [XX] days to pay their invoice.

How can I pay my outstanding invoice via Billie?
After completing your purchase, you will receive all payment information including the account information for the bank transfer by e-mail from Billie. You will also receive access to your personal Billie buyer portal. Here you can view all your Billie invoices and the associated payment information or conveniently change the payment method from bank transfer to direct debit.

Can I also pay by direct debit with Billie?
Yes, corporate customers can also pay their invoice by direct debit. A corresponding mandate can be issued in the Billie buyer portal. After successfully completing a purchase, corporate customers receive e-mail access to their personal Billie buyer portal, where invoices can be viewed and managed and payment methods can be changed.

What is the Billie Buyer Portal?
After completing your purchase, you will receive access to your Billie buyer portal. Here you have the possibility to view and download all your Billie invoices. You can also change the payment method and issue a direct debit mandate instead of a bank transfer to pay your invoices.

Why can’t I use the Billie purchase on account?
As soon as corporate customers decide to pay by invoice with Billie, the system checks whether they can order for the selected amount. In addition to general company data for identification purposes such as address, company name and similar, the check is based primarily on the payment history, the amount of the invoice and, if applicable, external information from credit agencies. These factors determine whether a purchase on account can be approved. If you cannot pay by invoice with Billie, you will have to use another payment method to complete the order.

As a corporate customer, do I pay fees when purchasing on account via Billie?
Corporate customers can buy free of charge on account. When selecting the payment method “purchase on account” with “Billie”, there are no fees for buyers.

Where can I find my payment confirmation when purchasing on account via Billie?
You can view the status of your Billie invoices in your personal Billie buyer portal. As soon as you settle a claim, you can view this in the buyer portal. Please note that it can take up to three working days to process a bank transfer. The status of the corresponding invoice is only updated once your payment has been successfully posted. If this process takes more than three working days, please contact Billie Customer Service at

If you make your transfer shortly before or after the due date, you may receive a payment reminder in the meantime. As soon as the receipt of payment is noted in our system, the initiated dunning process is automatically deactivated.

I am a corporate customer and would like to use “purchase on account” via Billie. Why is my company name not displayed at checkout?
To verify your purchase on account, Billie compares the customer data provided by you with the data from Billie’s credit agencies. If Billie cannot find the customer data in the credit agencies, your company name will usually not be displayed or you will be offered a different name suggestion in the check-out window.

For self-employed persons or companies with the legal form GbR, the information is unfortunately not always verifiable in the credit agencies. In this case, please enter your first and last name in the check-out window. This enables real-time verification via SCHUFA scoring and thus check-out via Billie.

About Billie
Billie is the leading provider of “buy now, pay later” (BNPL) payment methods with real-time customer verification for B2B online stores. With BNPL, business customers can pay invoices after receiving goods or services and flexibly determine when and how they want to pay.

Billie was founded in 2016 with the mission to modernize the system for B2B transactions and enable online stores and business customers to pay and get paid on their own terms with innovative digital payment services and modern checkout solutions.

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